Easwaramma Day Celebration and Launching of Sai Inspirations by Sathya Sai Centre of Carlingford

As the early morning mist slowly melted to the warmth of the new sunrise, preparation to commemorate Mother Easwaramma were underway in the Girls Guide Hall of Carlingford. A beautiful purple and white altar to hallmark the 'Chosen Mother' was decked in the finest flower arrangements, garlands and luminous fragrant candles for Swami.

A gentle greeting of Sai Ram welcomed families and devotees to the humble occasion, whilst the SSE in their crisp, clean, white attire took their places for the flower offering. As the clock turned 9am the SSE offered their humble pranams at the lotus feet of our dearest Swami whilst the sounds of a tribute video to Mother Easwaramma delighted the devotees. The morning  then followed with Aumkar, Suprabhatam and an introduction by our MC Ramanesh (Group 4 SSE) on the theme 'Show Love, Show Gratitude'.

Group 1 SSE then took us through a time lapse on the history of noble mothers who led exemplary lives including Saint Mother Theresa, Nancy Matthews Elliott and of course our dearest Mother Easwaramma. Moving beyond human form we learnt of another Mother who plays an important role in our life, Mother Nature. Group 2 SSE presented tips on how we can take care of Mother Nature through the practice of zero waste and the 3R's (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). Simple yet effective methods were shared on how we can all reduce our carbon and waste footprint.

From here, it was time for our Group 1 and PRESSE to share their thoughts on what they thought about Mum! Cute, hilarious conversations with the children entertained everyone which was delightfully concluded with an energetic and loving dance of gratitude 'Thank You Mum'.

Having travelled through a journey of all the Mothers who play a role in our life, it was time to reach the source, our Divine Mother. The Group 3&4 SSE over the past few years have been working together on original songs composed and written by one of the Group 3 SSE Dakshina Sai. The garland of Divine songs were created into an album 'Sai Inspirations' (cover also designed by Dakshina) and offered on the occasion of Easwaramma Day. The children then shared a few of the songs from the album which took us to another world.

Vibrant, energetic SSE Bhajans then concluded the children's offering for the auspicious occasion of Easwaramma Day.

On ED celebration at SSC of Carlingford, NSW Region East on Sunday, 5 May 2019 released a CD – ‘Sai Inspirations’, music composed and created by SSE children and also Presented beautifully of practical ways of preserving Ecology in our mundane life. It was so delighted to see a lovely group of SSE children with so much of discipline, commitment, Devotion, dedication, skills and more importantly of their confidence.

To listen ‘Sai Inspirations’, Click here.

Our National President, Mr Indrapalan delivered a brief talk on the occasion:

Mere acquisition of degrees should not be the objective of students. They should make proper use of the five elements. This is the true value-oriented education the world needs today. Values are for education, education is for life, life is for love, love is for man, man is for spirituality, spirituality is for the world and the world is for peace. So, one should travel from values to peace.” – Sathya Sai Baba

It is such delight to be among so many motivated and inspiring Swami’s children. It is so energizing being among you on this special day of your first ever Musical CD release – ‘Sai Inspirations’, all English devotional songs and in particular three of them were your own composition and music. I thank our beloved Swami for this great opportunity not only to these talented SSE children but also for us to be in presence on such occasion.

Easwaramma Day brings the memory of the glowing face of beloved Easwaramma, the chosen mother of our almighty Guru, Sathya Sai Baba. Her compassionate look teaches what true motherhood is. Her blissful smile teaches what contentment is, to be ever near Sai and nothing else, as it was mentioned by Swami Himself.

Sathya Sai Centre of Carlingford is one of the fast-growing Centre in the NSW Region East. Your love, dedication, commitment, unity and simplicity are the reasons for this growth. We all can feel Swami’s presence and guidance to all Centre members and in particular to SSE children.

The success of the SSE program depends on a tripartite relationship where parents, children and gurus are all actively involved and working towards the same goal. All three elements are needed for the program to work effectively and we can witness this in Carlingford Sai Centre. Swami constantly reminds us that it is the children of today who will be the ones to shape tomorrow’s world. If we want our world to be a better, safer and more ecologically viable place in which to live, then we need to develop in our children a sense of social responsibility and a strong spiritual awareness.

“Bal Vikas (now called Sai Spiritual Education) is the primary basis of the great movement to restore right action (dharma) in the world” – Sathya Sai Baba, Vol, 10, P 163

Swami gave us this Organisation with His name and Form out of His compassion for the Mankind. Acknowledging all of us being on different spiritual paths, he gave us this Organisation to help facilitate our journey to remembering Who we are. In return, He needs our Love to Him and Mankind in the form of Self Transformation and Self Realization.