National Tree Planting Day

Below are some more updates of the tree planting undertaken across Australia for National Tree Planting Day, which took place on the 28th of July 2019.

South Australia

The devotees in South Australia were blessed with a sunny day on National Tree Planting Day. Organised together by the service wing and Envirocare team, there were 32 devotees including 12 SSE kids participating in the activity, which is the highest ever turnout for SA for tree planting. It was a fun event and together more than 900 saplings were planted. Everyone who joined in (from ages 4 to 80) enjoyed the day.


Queensland’s National Plant a Tree Day site was located at the picturesque Mt Gravatt Outlook Reserve. Thirteen devotees planted approximately thirty-six trees along the trekking path. The most rewarding feeling was being able to see the growth of the trees we lovingly planted last year. Some of the trees had grown to be as tall as us!

Apart from planting trees, the Mt Gravatt Environmental Group emphasized the importance of conserving our native flora and encouraging sustainable biodiversity. As such, our efforts were mainly focused on restoring areas where weeds and destructive shrubs had spread. The hard work was made much lighter as we engaged with our local community and worked alongside other service-based groups. We look forward to seeing the native flora thrive without the troublesome weeds!