Bhajan Workshop – ACT Region

The ACT spiritual wing conducted devotional singing workshop entitled Mergence through Music. The workshop was aimed to deliver the nuances of devotional signing to all lead, aspiring lead and chorus singers with the objective “How to create Bhaava”? Devotional singing is the primary spiritual activity of the Sai Organisation. Bhagavan has told us that singing the name of the lord is the easiest path to attain divinity in Kali age.

The workshop was facilitated through snippets on different components of devotional singing like importance of practice, song selection, meaning and pronunciation, role of instruments, etc. through short videos by the members of the prashanti bhajan group with live examples by talented members of the ACT Sai Young Adults.

The three-hour interactive workshop gave information to attendees as to the importance of focusing on key areas of group devotional singing activity and provided answers to all their questions.