Sai Lifestyle

In January 2018 the Devotion Wing of SSIO Australia introduced Sai Lifestyle -a programme for members aimed at supporting all in the practical application of Sathya Sai Baba’s teachings as we continue to realise our inherent divinity. This programme follows on from the self Transformation Programme (STP) which was launched Australia-wide in 2008 and which has engaged many of our members around the country in a small group process of discovery and support.

Based on the feedback and suggestions of group participants, Sai Lifestyle capitalises on the power of the group for transformation and includes some new topics under a revised structure. This new programme meets the needs of those groups who have completed all Self Transformation Programme modules, as well as supports the needs of devotees who would like to begin the Sai Lifestyle programme as a group.

Sai Lifestyle is based on the principles in the Nine Point Code of Conduct which Swami enshrined in the Charter of the SSIO where he stated that the adoption of this code would contribute to the objectives of the Organisation – to realise our inherent divinity.

How Does it Work?

Sai Lifestyle begins with a workshop in which any members can participate – offered either at centre or regional level. It is then followed by a set of 3-4 modules in smaller groups for those who would like to explore the topic at greater depth and aim for personal transformation over a period of time.

Topics Made Available in 2018

Communication and Active Listening (The Art of loving.)
In this topic members discover the essence of loving communication and explore techniques which will equip us for dealing with challenging situations at work, student life, friendships and family.

Minding the Mind for Spiritual Growth

Here we will gain an understanding of the working of the mind which is critical for us to progress towards our goal in being in the Sathya Sai Organisation- realising the inherent divinity. We will also discover the links mind has with the body and soul, and how we can purify our mind.

Topics to be Introduced in 2019

WATCH (Watch your Actions, Thoughts, Character, Heart.)
In this topic we take a journey into Constant Integrated Awareness (CIA)

Anger Management
This is an opportunity to explore together Sai’s teachings on the impact of anger on ourselves and others and discover how to manage our anger so that relationships are enhanced.

Five Human Values
We will dive deeply into the Five Human Values (Beginning with Peace) and commit to transforming through their application in our daily living and discover the joy this brings.

Additional Topics Will be Available Each Year
Testimonials from Members who share their experience of the power 0f the group approach:

“What I most appreciate about this method of transformation according to Sai is the self-directedness. Although the meeting process is all about respectful, listening there is no ‘advice’ or group problem solving. This becomes a genuinely sacred time which I have so far found of great value. It becomes a process of talking directly to my higher self, to Swami. The level of closeness grows exponentially with the degree of effort exerted.” – Margaret

“This has been an awakening light in my spiritual journey. Highly personalised and has given me the courage to break all the barriers to seek truth.” – Deepak

“The programme is like the missing piece of the jigsaw in my spiritual journey. It has made me go back to the basic in a different light. I feel more connected to Swami as I put his teachings into practice.” – Asha

From Sathya Sai Baba

“God does not expect you to worship him; He expects you to lead an ideal life. Having being born a human being, you should strive for the welfare of society. You are a member of society, and your welfare depends on the welfare of society. Hence, undertake activities which are beneficial to society … God is in you, above you, below you, around you. You cannot realise this unless you give up negative feelings … ”
– Baba, 80th Birthday Discourse

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