Guru Purnima Message, Dr Narendra Reddy

With love, gratitude and reverence, I offer my prayers at the Divine Lotus Feet of our dearest, loving, and omnipresent Lord, Sathya Sai Baba.

Loving Sai Rams to all of you. I wish all of you a happy and holy Guru Poornima filled with love and bliss. On this holy day of Guru Poornima, spiritual seekers all over the world pay homage to their Guru, who shows them the way to God. We, as Sathya Sai devotees, are blessed and fortunate in that we have Sathya Sai Baba, both as our Guru and God.

On this auspicious occasion, let us express love and gratitude to Sai Baba by re-dedicating our lives to Him and remembering His message regarding Guru Poornima. Sai Baba, our Jagadguru, the Universal teacher, has exhorted that Guru shows us the Guri. Guri means the aim and purpose. The aim and purpose of our lives is to realise our innate divinity and experience the same divinity in everything, everywhere, ever. How to attain this Guri – this ‘goal’? For that also, Sai Baba has shown us the way – we need to have Guri, which also means to have a focus. Focus on Number one – on Sai Baba, His teachings and His divine mission. When we focus on Sai Baba, we focus on Him by chanting His sweet, divine name, meditating on His beautiful, divine form and contemplating on His blissful divine play. Because Sai Baba has assured us if we hold on to His divine lotus feet with absolute faith, we will reach the goal in this very lifetime. He said “Manase Bhajare Guru Charanam.” But He also cautioned us, ABC- ‘Always Be Careful.’ Be careful about the false Gurus, false prophets, and false mediums. His relationship is one to one, heart to heart. So, we need to exercise our discrimination and always hold on to Him and Him alone. This is the Guri (focus) we should have.

The second Guri we should have is on His divine teachings, which are the essence of all the scriptures, and the quintessence of all His teachings is Prema (divine love). He has said “Love is the source; Love is the path and Love is the goal.” So, let us live in divine love.

The third Guri, the third focus we should have is on the divine mission. Let us actively participate in the divine mission by participating in the educational institutions, medical institutions, 2 humanitarian relief service projects, and the Sathya Sai Organisation which bears His sacred, divine name. These institutions have been founded and nurtured by Sai Baba Himself and continue to be guided and blessed by Him till today. So let us make the best use of this opportunity to participate in these activities.

So, when we have this Guri on Him, His teachings, and His divine mission, the next level we go to is Guru. Sai Baba says “Guru – what does He do?” “Gu” stands for ignorance, “Ru” stands for removal of ignorance. What is this ignorance? Ignorance is ahamkara and Mamakara – that is to have the ego that we are this body, mind and intellect complex, and have attachment. By focusing on Sai Baba, His teachings and His mission, this ignorance will be gone and then we live in light – light of love and light of wisdom.

When we practise this, finally we come to the last stage of what Sai Baba said about Guru. “Gu” stands for Gunathitha – the God who is beyond all attributes, “Ru” stands for Ruparahitha – God beyond all forms. So, when we focus on this, we experience divinity, which is beyond all names, all forms, all attributes, time, space and causation. Then, we experience that every cell, every atom, every moment is permeated by the divine including ourselves. Then, we live in love and bliss.

Asato Maa Sad Gamaya
Thamaso Maa Jyothir Gamaya
Mrithyor Maa Amritham Gamaya

Let us pray to our Dearest Lord Sai: Lord, lead us from the unreal to the real From darkness to light
From death to immortality

Jai Sai Ram
Dr. Narendranath Reddy
Chairman, Prasanthi Council