The Divine Manifestations – Part 2

A few months ago we brought you Part 1 of some stories and experiences of a Sai devotee then living in Bahrain. Below are two more stories of experiences he and his family have been blessed to experience.

Kum Kum on picture of Lord Venkateshwar, (Omniscience of Sai)

Gowri has an ancestral temple of their family deity Lord Venkateshwara (a form of Lord Vishnu). Gowri and I never used to celebrate our wedding anniversary, not even think about it. But, probably to reinforce our faith in Sai Baba, on one of our anniversary days, He manifested His presence with us, by materializing ‘kum kum’ on the picture of Lord Venkateshwara kept in our altar, to tell us that He (is indeed Omniscient) knows not only our wedding anniversary date, but also He knows Lord Venkateshwara is Gowri’s family Deity.

Sai Baba’s approval of a Community Service – He is the Doer

It was a Saturday morning, the commencement of a community service activity of serving a refreshing Buttermilk drink (in Bahrain/Middle East, this drink is called “Laban”) to migrant workers at open construction sites in peak summer. The buttermilk prepared by devotees had been brought in big containers for ‘Brahmaarpanam’ (food prayer) and then distribution. A cup of buttermilk, drawn from each of those containers, was also kept for Sai Baba. Later, His presence appeared in the form of His crown-shaped hair on the top layer of the buttermilk kept in a cup. It was indeed an indication that, Sai Baba had given His stamp of approval for this Service Activity and were with us.