Ladies Dance Workshop – NSW Region West

The ladies of NSW Region West successfully conducted a ladies’ workshop on the 6th of October. All 32 ladies in attendance thoroughly enjoyed the session and actively participated in the two workshops.

There was a Q&A session on ‘Ladies Programs’ – a brainstorming and reflective session of past & future events; identifying the best outstanding programs over the years and what the ladies region would like to see going forward. This was conducted by three young adults from Region West, NSW.

The next workshop was called Dancing in Light, and was conducted by Ramya Shanmi, the current centre president of Baulkham Hills Sai Centre. Growing up in India, she was fortunate to be able to dance in the physical presence of Sai Baba many times. This workshop was well received by ladies of all ages. Everyone who came along took part, starting with dancing yoga stretches and flexing their joints, gradually increasing their own speed, then adding rhythm and music, which ended in a full-swing “dancing in light”. The room got so warm that all the air conditioners had to be turned on!

Watching the participants made me realise how much ladies needed togetherness & to have initiatives the can join in on for their personal care, physical fitness & happiness. It was agreed that we should continue this workshop each quarter. Ramya also agreed to it after seeing the enthusiasm from everyone. This will give our ladies an opportunity to open the path of physical fitness & happiness, supported by each other, and bring together everyone at a regional level.

Jeyam Sriskanthan,
NSW Region West Ladies Program Coordinator