Ladies Retreat – Bundaberg

The Bundaberg Ladies retreat was held in Pacific Haven on 5th and 6th of October 2019. The theme was Purity is Enlightenment, adopted from 11th World Conference Study Guide. The retreat was attended by total of 6 ladies from Bundaberg, Burnett Heads, Childers, Gladstone and Pacific Haven.

The event was graced and opened by Ms Beryl from Gladstone who had visited Sai Baba in the 1980s, and was given an interview by Baba. She said, “We are here [at the retreat] because Baba called us to be here”.

Various activities were undertaken by participants, which was reported as“uplifting and invigorating”.

Participants watching a video where Sai Baba was interacting with devotees in Prashanti Nilayam, and was heard saying, “Happiness is the union with God”.

STARS made with love; shared with participants by Sue Wood.

Study circle on the Sai Life Style Module on WATCH, facilitated by a trained facilitator.

Participants enjoyed the Sai-lense in artwork. Natural materials were used on canvas for the art work to reflect interaction with the environment.

Participants enjoying a saltwater foot-soak to mark the end of the first day of the retreat – a perfect elixir for restful sleep.

Nagarsankirtan’ – singing devotional songs while walking in a group; even the birds joined in! 

Study of the Purity is Enlightenment study circle material from 11th World Conference study guides. Some of the lessons learnt included purifying the environment by the chanting of mantras, chanting of God’s name in attaining purity, the “WATCH” principle, Love – the Sure path to Purity – Man’s purity is manifested when human relations are based on heart-to-heart and love-to-love connection.

The retreat ended with devotional singing, distribution of Vibhuti (holy ash) and a Wow Scarf ceremony.