Sai Click App

20th October every year is celebrated as the Avatar Declaration Day. It is on this historically significant day in the year 1940, Sathya Sai Baba revealed to the world His Divine identity and the glorious mission on which He has come.

To celebrate this landmark event in Baba’s life, Avatar Declaration Day is celebrated every year with devotion and gratitude.

To mark the auspicious occasion of Avatar Declaration Day, 20 October 2019, the SSIO Australia launched the Sai Click app, a national initiative.

Sai Click is an app which can be downloaded via the Apple App Store or via Google Play. All members who have a smart phone can download this app. It is another source of media in addition to other National Social Media platforms such as our website, Facebook, Instagram, Sai Austalia Snapshots, YouTube and Vimeo Channels.

All those who attended the 2019 Sai National Conference will be familiar with Sai Click. There are now a lot more features that have been added and as such, all current versions will be updated with the new version. Please see the instructions below in how to download and install Sai Click on your phone.