Sai Young Adults Australia Launch The Lion’s Roar Podcast

Thirty years ago on the morning of May 20, 1990, Swami delivered the first of a series of discourses in front of a large gathering of young adults. It was the 1990 Summer Course and the set of discourses that Swami delivered during this event are nothing but a manifestation of Swami’s love and grace. Numerous devotees have commented that the 1990 Summer Showers discourses in particular were pivotal in their spiritual journey – perhaps even life-changing! 

The Sai Young Adults Australia are humbled to bring to you a podcast based on this set of discourses titled, ‘The Lion’s Roar’. 

The National Literature program of the Sai Young Adults of Australia, DEAR Sai (Drop Everything and Read) began on May 1, 2018, with this very same set of discourses. We saw week after week through our own reading and the supplementary ‘Reading Between the Lines’ issues how invaluable these discourses are. The material is so rich we are now exploring it all in a different format!

The podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and PocketCasts. New episodes are released weekly on Thursday. Episodes released so far include:

  • Questions, Directions & Faith Filled Reflections
  • Misconceptions Three & the King in the Dream
  • Input Regulation & Anklet Verifications
  • Filings, Fields and Fruitful Yields
  • Temples, Trousers & the Psychosomatic
  • Refinements, Roots & Cereal Truths
  • Why, and What For? Prelude to the Roar

Without His Will and His Love we wouldn’t even be able to hear, read or contemplate on His teachings. This is therefore, simply His grace! The Sai Young Adults offer this podcast at our dearest Swami’s lotus feet, the feet that will help us cross this cycle of birth and death and help us realise our true Self.