NSW Region West Food Donation Drive

The COVID 19 lockdown period has resulted in significant challenges in people’s ability to participate in community service activities and help those in need. Many vulnerable members of society have been finding it more challenging than ever to access important support systems as community service activities reduced drastically throughout the country. However, NSW Region West found an innovative way to continue to serve those in need by donating 256 non-perishable food items to the SydWest Multi Cultural Services organisation who collected and distributed these items to those most in need.

Approximately 200 enthusiastic members of region west participated in donating these non-perishable food items. The items donated included essentials such as pasta, baked beans, rice, flour, oil oats, coffee, sugar, canned beans and lentils.  

This proactive approach to providing service certainly confirms that where there is a strong will to serve there is a way.