Spreading Swami’s Love through Sai Australia Media

SSSIO Australia’s Media team arose from the need to develop more ways to help Sai devotees feel inspired and connected to Sathya Sai Baba’s teachings and to each other through the use of digital platforms. This included the National SSIO Australia Website and major social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Sai Click Apps, Vimeo and YouTube Channels.

The uptake and engagement have been unprecedented and the quality of media, posts, videography and photography has enabled the Sai Australia Media team to further expand and deliver. The journey has been constantly evolving where our beloved Lord has allowed us to innovate.

One of the major achievements was the filming of talks held in Prasanthi Nilayam during ‘Prasanthi 2019’ – National Sai Young Adults Pilgrimage that were then uploaded and shared across the world on the Sai Australia YouTube channel. The most popular talk was by Smt. Vijayamma that gathered over 18K views. Coverage of the Sai National Conference which hosted special guest speakers the Prasanthi Mandir Bhajan group resulted in over 50K views for their main talk ‘I am coming back to you’. Sai Australia YouTube channel currently has over 4.5K subscribers worldwide.

Facebook has also been utilised as a fantastic medium to showcase all events, make announcements and share links to live recordings nationwide. The engagement is clearly visible in the number of likes and shares of posts nationwide. Facebook currently has 934 followers.

As a result of the last Sai National Conference held in 2019, a mobile app called ‘Sai Click’ was also introduced. Members from all Centres/Regions/National are now effectively using Sai Click Apps.

The Sai Young Adults of Australia pioneered the use of Instagram to connect our young adults across states with Swami’s quotes, clips of discourses, regional activity updates, video reflections and much more. They have also created an incredible podcast as part of Dear Sai entitled ‘The Lion’s Roar’ covering the Summer Shower discourses and the podcast continues to grow in its audience. 

With the emergence of COVID our normal Sai activities completely went online. The Sai Australia YouTube channel, Facebook Prayer Group and Webinar sessions played critical role in bringing major events and programs around the nation. This was a major anchoring factor which facilitated the powerful Sadhana that of attending, singing bhajans, and listening to high quality speakers.

We are forever grateful to our beloved Swami for giving us this opportunity to spread His message, Its critically important to thank all our Media Team members for their ongoing dedication, commitment and support. Media Team needs continuous support and cooperation from all National/Regional Leaders to promote Sathya Sai Baba’s love and teachings to spread to all walks of life in entire Australia and beyond.