Service Activity for Migrants affected by COVID-19 shutdown

In April 2020 NSW Region East was notified of a grocery drive that was coordinated by the “Tamil Friends of Labour” and “Tamil Resource Centre”. The grocery drive consisted of essential items such as rice, lentils, oil, sugar, flour, salt, chickpeas, long life milk and many more. The items were sorted by volunteers of the above mentioned organisations who also delivered them on a weekly basis. These were delivered to Tamil families and households that were impacted by COVID-19 due to loss of income and being ineligible for the JobSeeker assistance as they were on bridging visas.

During the extreme hardship period in April/May when lockdown restrictions were at it’s peak, 160 tamil immigrant households / families were dependant on this grocery drive since they were unable to meet their minimum needs and expenses due to loss of income.

Between the period of April and mid-October, NSW Region East has donated up to 1,600 kilograms of the grocery items mentioned above. The deliveries and donations have been taking place on a fortnightly basis. The food drive is still ongoing with donations from members being passed on to the volunteers of “Tamil Friends of Labour” on for distribution.

NSW Region East member have been generous and broad hearted in their donations and participation in this service activity. We would like to thank the NSW region east members who have consistently contributed to this cause and to Swami for the inspiration to serve and assist.

Items donated to asylum seekers