NSW and South East Queensland Flood Relief

Last month, severe weather events hit New South Wales & South East Queensland bringing in heavy down pour resulting in massive floods around the 2 states. This weather event is assessed to be one of the worst experienced in 50 years. In New South Wales, more than 35,000 people were evacuated to evacuation centres.

New South Wales

SSSIO Australia Disaster Relief Team immediately got in contact with the State Emergency Services (SES) and NSW Rural Fire Services obtaining guidance on how we as an organization could best help in those circumstances. Due to the nature of the disaster, reaching out to affected families and communities were quite challenging during the disaster period and SES & RFS were primarily involved with the evacuation process.

In the meantime, all SSSIO Australia members were urged to pray for the safety and well being of all the people out there who have been impacted by this disaster.

With our beloved Bhawan’s grace, the local NSW Rural Fire Services based at Wiseman Ferry, a community situated along Hawkesbury River which was severely impacted by flooding, advised us to deliver immediate packs of non-perishable food items, personal hygiene packs, bedding sheets & towels to the local relief centre.

With a combined NSW Region East & West members grand effort, we managed to collect and deliver those items to Wisemans Ferry Bowling Club, the local relief centre, in a very short time. 3 vehicles full of supplies were handed over to NSW Rural Fire Services volunteers out there who in turn delivered them to the needy families in that region. A big thank you to the members of NSW Region East & West for their commendable work.

Upon request and urgent needs, another 2 vehicle loads of supplies including bread, cleaning items & anti-septic creams were delivered to the same authority the next day as the 2nd phase of the relief effort.

The next phase of relief efforts, as advised by the SES & NSW RFS, will be the cleaning up and assisting families in getting them back to their homes. The organization will be advised accordingly as per the needs when they arise. Possible relief efforts in the Northern NSW Regions are being looked at and we are in contact with the authorities for that opportunity.

South East Queensland

We are continuing with our similar efforts as NSW to reach out to relevant authorities to see what assistance can be provided to the local communities. Anticipating for more opportunities so that we as an organisation could reach out to those affected by this disaster.