SSE Bhajan Workshop – Adelaide

A trio of Bhajan enthusiast from the Melbourne came to us with the Grace of Mother Sai – the eternally compassionate one.

Sister Vasumathi, Brother Ravi, Brother Vicknesh spent Saturday the 6th of July 2019 with SSE children of all groups running a day long Bhajan Workshop from 10 am to 3 pm. This was held at Sister Abhilasha and Brother Deepak’s residence which they kindly allowed us to use.

The workshop was well structured, starting from basic elements which form the backbone of leading and following bhajans. For eg: Clapping in the appropriate rhythm, sitting upright, singing at the right pitch etc.

There were games and interactive and educative fun intermittently. The presenters made sure the children stayed engaged and enjoyed the workshop besides absorbing the essence of bhajan singing. Discipline came easy since the children were absorbed in the information and the entertaining way of presentation.

Feedback from the children was that they had a lot of fun while learning and Uncle Ravi got special mention for a constant addition of the fun quotient. They were mesmerised with Uncle Vicknesh’s harmonium skills. Aunty Vasumathi added to the charm and all the three presenters sang and spoke beautifully according to them.

Nourishment at midday was arranged by parents and teachers and was quite a feast which was enjoyed by all.

The children made a thank you card, on with they had written their own messages prior to the workshop and presented it at the end of the session. The 20 children who attended the workshop also received goody bags gifted to them by the facilitators.

Hope to see more such workshops to help us all learn and grow.

Om Sri Sai Ram