QLD Multifaith Event – The Importance of Service in Religion

Queensland Region were very grateful and humbled to have the opportunity to host, to learn from and to share in the company of many multifaith groups on Saturday 17 August. A beautiful multifaith celebration was held at SWARA on the theme ‘The Importance of Service in Religion’.

Special guests included the Tzu Chi Foundation, ADRA or the Seventh Day Adventist Church, the Amadhiyya Muslim Association, the Queensland Arya Samaj, Khalsa Help International and the Bhakti Seva Pariwar.

The event commenced with a traditional Aboriginal smoke ceremony and music from the didgeridoo. The indigenous Australians lovingly explained that we are all brothers and sisters part of the ‘same tribe’ regardless of cast, creed, colour or race. They also reminded everyone of the sacredness of the land, the importance of service to the land and the importance of acknowledging our ancestors.

Talks by each of the guest speakers resonated with the common theme of the importance of selfless service, sincerity and human connection in service activities. Videos showcased the many service activities of the SSIO internationally and within Australia, as well as activities carried out by each of the multifaith groups. Each group was eager to learn about the work being done by each other and how they could work hand in hand, to support one another and serve.

An analogy that was used was about the significance of even a single drop of rain in making a difference to the ground – and accumulatively how each droplet adds on to facilitate greater change; once the storm starts it’s difficult to stop. The message of unity and “love all, serve all” was strongly felt.

The young adults sang powerful and upbeat songs during the celebration. They sang about the power of love and courage, having hope for the future, working as one for humanity and in the service of God. The celebration concluded with dinner.