Healthy Ageing Workshop, Newcastle, NSW Region East

In December 2018, an opportunity arose for a community engagement focused event to take place in Newcastle. Members from the Sai Organisation in Newcastle were keen on collaborating Sai members with the local community and different faith groups, to put forward an activity that could be catered to a wide group of people. Accordingly, a Healthy Ageing Workshop was organised and took place on Sunday 30 June, 2019 at the Vedic Samadhi Temple in Cardiff, Newcastle.

This day was organised in collaboration with the Community Engagement team, Newcastle Sai group, the Sai Medical Unit as well as key NSW East Office Bearers. This workshop was presented by a range of medical professionals from Sydney and Newcastle. The topics included Dental, Optical, Geriatrics, Physiotherapy, Dietitian, Cardiology, ENT and ageing with meditation and yoga. The audience was highly engaged with all the presenters and asked many questions to maximise their understanding. As a majority of the crowd were of people aged over 50, this workshop was highly valuable with many lessons they could take back and apply easily in their daily lives.

Participants included approximately 65 people, with 15% of this group from outside the Sai Organisation. As this workshop took place at the Vedic temple, members of this temple also sat in the workshop and were extremely thrilled and pleased with the quality of presenters and information shared. They are keen for the Sai Organisation to continue using their venue for future activities and would like to collaborate on future workshops as well.

The day was received very positively by everyone involved and the collaborative spirit of organisers resulted in this success.