SYAA Parthi Pilgrimage

90 Sai Young Adults from all around Australia united for Prasanthi 2019 – a 2 week pilgrimage to Prasanthi Nilayam! In the lead up to the pilgrimage, many Australian young adults (not just the final pilgrims) engaged in daily spiritual disciplines (Sadhanas) such as meditation, devotional singing and exercise. In addition to their personal practices, there were also weekly meetings which involved service activities, study circles, musical practices and vedam chanting, followed up with a sadhana camp in early December. Prasanthi 2019 spanned from 12th January 2019 to 26th January 2019. On Friday 18th January, the young adults had the opportunity to present morning bhajans (devotional singing) in Kulwant hall and, in the evening, a beautiful musical offering entitled, “Boomerang: Back to the Source!”. The offering comprised of 6 songs (some of which were original compositions) complemented by a video that showcased the stirring beauty of Australia, moving footage of Sai Baba and joyful images of Prasanthi Nilayam itself. Whilst in Prasanthi Nilayam the young adults also had the opportunity to listen to many inspiring speakers such as Mr Sai Surendranath (Sai Sir), Mr Amey Deshpande, Dr Sai Giridhar, Dr Gangadhar Shastry and Mr Prem Anosh to list a few. Additionally, the young adults had the rare & golden opportunity to listen to Kuppam Vijayamma Gaaru tell stories of Sai Baba as a child. She delivered the talks in the relevant and magical Patta (Old) Mandiram and the banks of the Chitravathi River.

The young adults also did a day trip to the Brindavan ashram, and had a chance to do devotional singing around and inside Sai Baba’s residence, Trayee Brindavan. There were also other site visits such as Sai Gita’s resting place, the Planetarium, Hanuman Hill, Sathya Sai Hillview Stadium and Chaitanya Jyothi Museum. It was a jam-packed 2 weeks that gave the young adults an opportunity to really understand Sai Baba’s life and His message, as well as to strengthen their love for and faith in Sai.

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