Winter Working Bee – Sathya Sai College – Primary & Secondary Campus -2019

The Winter Working Bee is now one of two working bees per year in the SSIO Australia calendar of events. Whilst the Sathya Sai School, (now College because of the primary & secondary campuses), has been functioning for more than 20 years, there are still new SSIO Australia members at each working bee.

The working bee serves for a few reasons:

  • creates opportunities for SSIO Australia members to go to OUR SAI school
  • spread the working bee opportunity across multiple regions
  • the school grounds need to be kept clean, creating a heathy learning environment for the students
  • The working bee is typically organised just before the school term reopens, eliminating the need for another clean up. This creates a clean environment to welcome the students back to.

    At last year’s Winter Working Bee, we had 50 volunteers from SSIO. This year, with Sai Baba’s blessings, we had 75 volunteers in total, of which 35 were Young Adults from NSW, QLD and VIC.

    There was plenty of work to keep the Adults and Young Adults buzzing. To name a few, the Primary Campus hall was entirely repainted. A partition wall was put up in the science classroom so that students won’t get distracted when people walk in and out of the common area. Plenty of new plants were planted across both campuses.

    At the secondary campus, the garden beds were given a new lease on life. New timber support for the garden beds were installed, and lots of new mulch was laid. The chairs which were in storage were taken out from the shed and given a complete wipe down, and they now look as good as new. The main storage was given a clean-up, creating more storage space. A team was dedicated to clearing the bush along the perimeter fence, creating a very neat and clean outlook of the school grounds for anyone driving by.

    Needless to say, a lot of energy was required, and this was only made possible by meals prepared lovingly by the adults from NSW & QLD – a dedicated team preparing sumptuous meals throughout the day. We also had soup prepared by some of the parents for the volunteers.

    The wind down activities on Saturday evening after dinner was a perfect end to a busy day. We had a bonfire, sang songs and shared reflections.

    Please encourage members to attend the next working bee, especially if they haven’t been to OUR SAI school. It’ll be a nice winter getaway to warm & sunny Murwillumbah & Dungay.