‘Healthy Ageing’ Forums, Bundaberg Qld and Roberston NSW

Two forums on healthy aging were recently delivered to local communities in Bundaberg and Robertson NSW with the assistance of the Sai Medical Unit. The aim of the forums was to provide people in the senior and approaching senior age groups and their carers advice about potential health issues and the means to prevent or mitigate them, as well as knowledge and awareness about support services and facilities.


The forum in Bundaberg was organised by the local Sathya Sai Centre in conjunction with a number of local health professionals. Thirty people participated in the event held at Bundaberg Business Enterprise Centre on Saturday, 23 February. Eastside Medical Centre kindly provided the venue and catering.

Ms Connolly addresses the participants

Two general practitioners, Drs Varghese and Jenny Crane spoke about dermatology, skin cancers and palliative care, as well as a range of other relevant matters. Ms Connolly, a dietician and diabetes educator covered matters relating to diet. Mr & Mrs Bramley, both physiotherapists covered risks associated with falls and their prevention. Ms Karen Whyte, a yoga teacher, talked about and demonstrated the benefits of yoga for the aged.

Ms Karen Whyte conducts an exercise.

All in all, the seminar was very well received by the participants. Some have indicated they would like a similar seminar in the future covering additional issues.

Mr and Mrs Bramley cover foot care


Mr Neville Fredericks, a member of the SSIO, invited the Sai Medical Unit to hold a healthy ageing forum at the Robertson School of Arts on Saturday, 23 February. Fifty people participated in the event which covered a number of health-related issues that may impact people as they age.

Walking 100 Steps

Dr Ketan Bhatt covered two topics titled ‘Ageing Well’ and ‘Dementia – Not a normal part of ageing’. Doneel Dass (Exercise Physiologist) and Vicgnesai Tharmarajah (Physiotherapist) talked about ‘Exercise and Falls Prevention’, including practical demonstrations with the audience. Dr Jaslyn Doshi (Infectious Disease Physician) presented ‘Common Infections and Vaccines to Know About’, providing important facts about infections and diseases related to ageing. Dr Kamala Varatharajan (Senior Dentist and Lecturer UOS) presented on ‘Good Oral Health and Healthy Ageing’. All the presentations were well-received with a lot of interaction. Feedback from the participants was very positive.

Dr Jaslyn Doshi presenting her item