Devotional Wing Activities during Covid 19 in SSIO Australia

The last few months have been extremely challenging and has literally brought human kind to a virtual standstill. From a spiritual standpoint we believe that everything is a result of Bhagawan’s will. The current pandemic is no different. We must take this as a blessing and go deep within to realise HIS presence in our heart.

We all agree that it has not been easy. We miss going to our Sai Centres and miss interacting with our Sai brothers and sisters. We miss offering our prostrations to Bhagawan at the beautifully decorated altar and we miss our bhajan sessions.

However, we must accept this situation as His blessings. Every crisis has a seed of something better. Bad times don’t last and there is no space for depression on a spiritual journey. Just because we don’t have an opportunity to go to a centre for Bhajans is not going to stop us from singing bhajans. Bhagawan is giving us a message to introspect and go within while nature heals herself. 

The national devotion team was tasked to bring devotional activities to devotees across Australia on an online platform.

In the month of February and March, the team started prayers including Gayatri and chanting of HIS name. A formal and a more structured program was initiated in April on the Sai Australia YouTube channel on Thursdays at 8 PM AEST. This included light meditation, Sai Gayatri, the 108 names of Bhagawan, Bhajans, interfaith prayers, Swami’s discourse, Gayatri Chanting and Aarathi. This program included most activities that occur in a Sai Centre. This was done to help devotees feel themselves part of a virtual centre.

In addition, the team also was involved in organising special programs for Easter and Aradhana Mahotsavam.

Just between March 26th and 25th April, over 3000 hours of devotee time was spent in seeing and hearing our programs in Sai Australia online channels including YouTube and Facebook.

On an average 250 devotees participated in the online programs that are presented as a premiere at 8 PM AEST. However, within a few days the program is seen by over 1500 viewers showing the desire to partake Swami’s darshan.

The devotional team has also organised a very successful online Vedam chanting session every Saturday morning at 7:30 am during this lockdown period which was attended by more than 75 members.

We are also releasing special prayers including Suprabhatam and light meditation for devotees on our YouTube channel.

The devotion team will continue to drive initiatives and devotional sessions in partnership with the media team and regions to bring good quality programs to our devotees

We will be celebrating Buddha Purnima on the 7th May through a special program.

We must consider every opportunity as Baba’s blessings. Not a leaf moves without His will. The current situation will pass. Swami says these are passing clouds. Let us participate in this online spiritual feast while this situation lasts. Let us keep our appointment with Swami every week during the devotional session. Let us pray collectively to Bhagawan to bless the world and to pray for his Grace. Let us pray that he helps us overcome the suffering. Nothing is more powerful than a prayer offered selflessly.

Please reach out to the National Devotional Coordinator, Sridhar Subramonian at for any feedback.