National Ladies Wing Activities

The past few months have been a challenging yet rewarding time for many families. The situation with Covid-19 pandemic, is an ever evolving one, as we earnestly wait for its outcome everyday. The Sai ladies of Australia have embraced the situation as this has allowed them to venture into new activities and adopt different ways of doing things for those who need it most.

Some activities the ladies got involved with were cooking for the international students, refugees and the homeless. With tighter restrictions in some states meant even this was not possible so the ladies contributed non-perishable items that were distributed to collection centres where only delegated devotees went to help.  

Victoria recently went into stage 4 lockdown where masks were made mandatory. The ladies wing provided patterns for the masks to help the service wing and some ladies swung into action and sewed a few hundred masks for the needy.

This Covid-19 allowed some ladies to reflect and write more about recent experiences and this has made many to open in their feelings with a positive outlook.

The online Yoga sessions, zoom meetings, chats and spiritual talks have made significant progress with ladies adopting online for their get togethers to enhance spiritually.

Some states kept the connections with elderly and those who were at home by calling them over the phone just to ask how they were and even having chai-time over zoom to connect with ladies and families.