ACT Region Christmas Gift Item Donations

SSSIO ACT Region marked the occassion of Christmas by undertaking the service activity of donating gift items to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The gift items were donated to the Barnardos Australia organisation on 22nd December 2020, who subsequently delivered the items to the disadvantaged children. The children to whom these gifts were sent came from a background where they were either homeless, affected by poverty or affected by violence.

Members of the ACT Region were generous in their donation of gift items which ensured that SSSIO ACT Region were able to make a sizeable contribution to Barnardos Australia. In total, there were more than 100 gift items were donated by SSSIO ACT Region. The gift items donated consisted of board games, educational items, toys, movie vouchers, sports equipment, cosmetics and clothes. Sathya Sai Education (SSE) children and their parents were also heavily involved in contributing gifts and making beautiful Christmas greeting cards, which were handmade with a lot of care and love.

Barnados Australia expressed their sincere appreciation of the donation by SSSIO ACT Region.