Terrarium service activity – VIC SYA

Sai Ram

I would like to thank Swami for the opportunity to share the inspiration behind, and details of, the recent service project conducted by the young adults of Victoria regions East and West.

From the outset, the aim was two fold: to organise a service activity that would both give the maximum number of people an opportunity to serve, and also allow for the propagation of Swami’s divine love. Additionally, we wanted to ensure the activity was as environmentally friendly as possible. After a few options were explored, Swami directed us to a series of scientific articles, that reported the psychological and physiological benefits of indoor plants.

Namely, the evidence showed benefits through the correlation between flowers/indoor plants and more positive health outcomes in post-surgical patients, and the increase in life satisfaction/ decrease in loneliness in older people who engaged in gardening programs. Furthermore, a study that documented the experiences of nursing home staff, found that indoor and outdoor plants had a beneficial effect on residents with dementia, and while more research needs to be done, there is a link between indoor plants and pain relief. 

With this knowledge, Swami inspired us to liaise with a local aged care home and make terrariums (miniature pot plants) for the residents. In keeping with our go green focus, we decided to reuse empty juice/soft drink bottles as the ‘pots’ for the plants. We also made maracas for the residents to shake in tune with the songs we’ll be singing when we visit them next month.

Swami continued to guide the project through His little miracles, such as giving us a beautiful sunny day to help establish the plants in their new homes and providing us with more bottles and drainage pebbles when they were starting to run low. With His grace, the project ran smoothly and in a timely fashion and all the youth in attendance felt Swami’s love and fun-loving nature throughout. 

We pray that the plants provide a sense of hope, peace and happiness to the residents of the aged care home, and that they feel Swami’s love through this project. On behalf of the SYAV, I’d again like to thank Swami for the opportunity to do his work.

Sai Ram 

With Sai Love,

Swami’s Sai Young Adults Victoria Team