NSW Guru Poornima Service Activities

NSW Region East and NSW Region West lovingly put together an offering called ‘Love in Action’ for Guru Poornima 2020. Members of all ages got involved in various Service Activities across the month of July.

  1. Food Drive

A food drive was organised to collect essential food items. Five drop-off locations were provided so that devotees had the flexibility to travel to a nearby location and drop off the identified food items. Boxes were placed in front of the drop-off locations to minimise contact. On a weekly basis, the food drive team collected and transported items to the collection centres. 

While there were no specific number goals for the Food Drive, it’s amazing to see that members collectively donated just over 950kg of food that was distributed to refugee families, along with those who had no income as a result of Covid-19 and were unable to meet their minimum needs and expenses. This is a beautiful blessing and opportunity given to us in the lead up to the 95th Advent of Sai Baba

  1. Book Drive

The Book Drive, in support of the Deadly Science organisation, is targeted at providing books and early reading materials to remote schools in Australia. Despite unprecedented times during COVID-19, this initiative has flourished with awareness and communication through online platforms. Participants were able to drop-off new books (at one of the five drop-off locations) or provide a monetary donation after selecting the book/s they would like to sponsor via an online form. Over 200 books have been donated as part of this drive and will contribute to encouraging young Indigenous people to participate and learn about the STEM subjects i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering, Math.

  1. Letters of Love for Nursing Home Residents

Letters of Love was an initiative for SSE and Young Adults to connect with elderly residents in NSW nursing homes. Given the COVID-19 situation, this was a beautiful opportunity to directly bring love and smiles to elderly residents in isolation during this emotionally challenging time. We were able to write and draw over 150 beautiful Letters of Love to send to residents.

  1. Envirocare Challenge 

All households were encouraged to adopt a “zero waste” approach to living in order to practise ceiling on desires and to play our part to preserve Mother Nature. Members of NSW were encouraged to adopt at least one or more of the following Spiritual Disciplines until Sathya Sai Baba’s Advent Day, and hopefully beyond as lifelong habits.

  • Zero waste with food
  • Zero waste with money
  • Zero waste with time
  • Zero waste with energy
  • Zero waste and exploitation of mother nature

This is an ongoing initiative and the impact will be realised within ourselves, families and the community.

  1. Liquid Love

All eligible donors were encouraged to donate blood at the Australian Red Cross and to contribute to the National Goal to reach 950 donations of blood/plasma as a gift of Love on Swami’s 95th Advent.