National Devotional Program – ACT Region

On Sunday 24 June at 8 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, a vibrant and creative National Devotional Online Program was presented by the ACT Region.

The program opened with a creative acapella music offering, titled ACTYA-pella, from the ACT Sai Young Adults.  The song which was offered in a combination of English, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil harmoniously blended together a range of voices to present a unified offering to the Lord. The first component of the song, which was in Tamil, describes the divine beauty of lord Sai and prays and invites Him to be the guiding light in all of our lives. The song then gradually transitioned into Hindi and pleads to the Lord to provide guidance to us as we cross the ocean of life. The song then transitions to Telugu and describes Swami as our dear friend and expresses His devotees’ desire to always be with Him. The final component of the song was rendered in English and purely and simply expresses our love for Swami and our unshakeable faith that He is always watching after us.

The next item in the program was an interview with two devotees from ACT, Mr Sunil Kaul and Mrs. Sujatha Venkataraman. The interview was facilitated by an ACT Sai Young Adult, Abeena Mohann. Mr. Kaul shared his journey in coming into Swami’s fold and  emphasised the pivotal role his parents, who were early devotees of Swami, played in introducing him to Swami. Mr. Kaul talked about how Swami’s message of service strongly resonated with him and described how it continues to inspire and influence his life to this day. Mr. Kaul also spoke about the conscious efforts he makes to practice Human Values in his interactions in life everyday and in particular his pet dog with whom he shares a strong connection with. He also described his good fortune in being able to be invited for several interviews with Swami and reflected upon one particularly special interview where he had the opportunity to hold on to Swami’s hand. Mr. Kaul concluded by emphasising how Swami’s teachings has helped him delve into and re-discover his own faith of Hinduism and how it has encouraged helped him become a better Hindu.

Mrs. Venkataraman talked about her journey with Sai stating that although she knew of Swami at a young age her true calling to Swami and teachings dawned in her late twenties. She touched upon instances in her life where Swami’s divinity manifested itself and how it changed her life’s journey towards Swami and the spiritual path. Mr. Venkataraman also spoke about the integral role Swami’s message of unity of faith’s, service and love played in her life and also described her method of connecting to Swami by talking to Him all the time as if He was a constant friend. The importance of being constantly aware of Swami’s presence and Namasmarana (repetition of the lords name) were also identified as important by Mrs. Venkataraman. She also described how she found that the Sai Organisation offered her many different pathways to connect with Swami and to continue along the inward journey.

The final component of the program was a vibrant devotional singing session from the ACT region devotees. The devotional songs, which comprised of Sanskrit and English songs, were sung with a deep sense of sincerity and faith in Swami and left the listeners with a great level of inspiration.