Victoria Region West Online Centre Bhajans

A number of Sathya Sai Centres in Victoria Region West did not want to let the Novel Corona virus completely stop them from the joy of bhajans and therefore took the innovative approach of deciding to hold bhajan sessions online to enable their members continue to experience the benefit of bhajans. Online platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom were widely used by Sai Centres in order to conduct these bhajans with members logging on at the specified time to participate in the bhajans.

Victoria Region West President Sandeep Kuppan commented “Since many Sathya Sai Centres have had to close down due to the Corona Virus (Covid-19), as a Regional team, we did not want devotees to stay away from the opportunity of doing collective Chanting of the Lord’s Name. As a result, we encouraged Sathya Sai Centres to host Online Prayers and Bhajans so that devotees can stay connected.”

The importance of prayer, staying connected and finding hope during these challenging times were a key driver in ensuring these online bhajans were established. As online bhajans are a new format, careful planning and trial runs to overcome any potential technical issues were necessary prior to formally commencing the online bhajans. Sai Centres have trialled different platforms and are currently using whichever is most convenient, based on their suitability. Some are hosting live Bhajans whilst others are using pre-recorded Bhajans.

Devotees have been very happy with the online platforms. They have expressed their gratitude and look forward to their weekly sessions. The organisers of the online bhajans hope that the initiative can help members continue their spiritual development, maintain their connection and commitment to Swami and help obtain the grace of the lord for all during the shutdown period of the COVID-19 pandemic.