South Australia – Easwaramma Day Celebrations

Easwaramma day celebrations in Adelaide this year had a new and special flavour.

All devotional programs have gone online for the last couple of months yet the devotees in Adelaide have been fortunate to be able to stay in touch with various Sai activities despite being stuck in their homes. Change is the only constant and Sai devotees have been well equipped by our Sai to ride adeptly every new wave that the ocean of life brings forth. Also, the grace that permeates devotee’s lives allows us to taste the nectar that lies hidden at the heart of every changed circumstance.

The online Easwaramma Day program commenced with three Aum’s and then went on to a video of the story of Easwaramma Samadhi from the Prashanthi Chronicles, which revived memories of the Mother of the Divine. This was followed by reflections of a number of devotees spanning three centres. The reflections were an absolute treat to listen to as the speakers shared their thoughts and feelings on the love of the ‘Mother’ in various forms, of Swami Himself and of their mutual love and admiration for their own physical mothers. A unique facet of their reflection was their exploration of the nurturing- motherly element they had seen in their children and the aspect of the ever-tolerant Mother Nature herself.

Upon completion of the reflections, devotional singing with songs themed on the Mother were sung followed by the Sarvadharma prayer. This was followed by Gayathri Mantra chants in Swami’s heart-meltingly loving voice which reverberated through every cell of the attendees. A reading of a story on the special interaction between Swami and Mother Easwaramma.

The program concluded with Arathi and Vibhuti, leaving the devotees in a peaceful, content and soulful state.