Global Akhanda Bhajans and 95th Advent Day Celebrations in Adelaide

South Australia Region observed two of the major activities in the Sai calendar, Global Akhanda Bhajans and Swami’s Advent Day. through online forums this year in order to work around the restrictions imposed by COVID-19.

Global Akhanda Bhajans

South Australia observed the auspicious event of Global Akhanda Bhajans for the year 2020 with a program held from 6 pm Nov 14th to 6 pm Nov 15th. The Akhanda Bhajan program was held online via Zoom and went ahead full steam, without a break for a full 24 hours!

The event was strongly attended with approximately 80 to 100 eager participants, which included 17 children. For ease of management singers were divided into seven groups with each group allotted to sing for three hours. Bhajan leaders took charge of their respective groups and each had lists of songs and pre-selected chorus singers. The flow of divine music was seamless.

Tech support was also on standby for the entire 24 hours and beautiful Swami videos were played on the screen for the whole event, lending a further aura of being in constant Divine connection.

The completion of 24 hours of bhajan singing ensured a tremendous amount of energy and satisfaction was derived from being able to remember the lord continuously for this time period.

Swami’s 95th Advent Day Celebrations

South Australia Region held an online  program via Zoom from 6 am to 8 am on the morning of 23rd Nov 2020 to mark the significant occasion of the 95th Advent Day of Swami. The online program was well attended with approximately 60 people logging in to view the program.

The program commenced with the chanting of 21 Aum’s and was followed by the meldoious chanting of Suprabhatam. This was then followed with the chanting of the 108 names of Sathya Sai being chanted, while devotees offered rice/flowers to Swami’s pictures in their respective homes. This rice was later cooked and consumed by the devotees themselves or shared with the homeless as a way of imbibing the spiritual energy generated.

This was followed by the powerful chanting of the Ganapathi Prarthana by children and the chanting of the Rudram the youth. A devotional singing session with both Sanskrit and English were then sung by talented singers and instrumentallists. The program was then brought to a close with the Mangala Arathi.

The highly successful programs for both Global Akhanda Bhajans and Swami’s 95th Advent Day was made possible through the hard work, dedication and devotion of many members of South Australia. The collective determination of everyone ensured that even despite the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the important events in the Sai calendar were still continued to be observed.