The Inner Significance of ‘Happiness is Union with God’

Bhagawan in a discourse said “Man yearns for happiness in every act, in every kind of experience. Whether he does business or work in an office, his aim is to derive happiness. But does he find it? No. It is only a temporary phase as it is worldly happiness. He may be happy for a while, but permanent happiness is attained only by contemplation on God. So, contemplate on the Divine. You try to experience many things. Instead, experience the divine bliss, which is within you. That is the supreme bliss”

All that we experience is a reflection of our own inner reality. However our experience seems incomplete and unsure. A fish in the ocean does not understand what water is. The water is all around the fish but it cannot fathom the significance of this water. When the fish is taken out of the water to the land supporting the water, it realises the significance of its misery and aches to get back to the ocean that it realises is its support. Like wise when we are within the ocean of our daily experiences we are unable to recognise the union of the self with the cosmic reality that permeates all that we see and experience. We go through “misery” and “joy” in intervals. It is only when we change our vision from the “water” of our daily experiences to the “support” of this daily experience that we realise that it is the self that is the sustenance for all our experiences and that it is Happiness itself.

We have to recognise and see Swami in everything around us and in every experience around us.

In the Bhagawata Purana a beautiful story illustrates the need to see through this cosmic sport of the Lord. Once Krishna was playing with his friends when Lord Brahma wanted to draw Krishna’s attention and he adopted a rather strange approach by kidnapping all of Krishna’s friends, the cows and calves. He took them all to his abode. In a flash, Krishna recreated the friends, cows and calves and all was as normal as before the kidnapping. The children, cows and calves went back to their homes and life was normal. A few minutes later Brahma wanted to check the outcome of his action and realised that the same kids, cows and calves were frolicking in the garden. He realised his mistake and recognised that everything is the Lord only both sentient and insentient. There is nothing in the world that is not God. When we recognise that truth, when we recognise that the real “I” that is within is none other than God, we would live our life in perfect harmony and happiness with the knowledge that this is all HIS sport and the ups and downs are merely a play that one needs to enjoy.