Toowoomba Advent Day, Ladies Day and Family Fun Day Celebrations

Toowoomba Sai Centre put together creative, energetic and beautiful celebrations for three major events which they observed in the month of November.  

Toowoomba Birthday Celebrations

The Sathya Sai Centre of Toowoomba, QLD, held Sathya Sai Baba’s 95th Birthday on Monday, 23rd November 2020. A beautiful altar was set up for the celebrations with many ‘go green’ decorations and floral elements. The SSE children lovingly prepared a hand written card and sang 2 devotional songs as part of their offering and also received their SSE participation certificates for the year during the celebrations. In the lead up to Swami’s birthday the centre gathered and lovingly packed hygiene and grocery hampers for ‘Mission Australia’ to support and assist the local refuges and migrants.

Toowoomba Ladies Day and Family Fun Day

The Sathya Sai Centre of Toowoomba, QLD, held Ladies Day celebrations and a Family Fun Day at the park on 29 November 2020. Elderly members from the local community were invited for this community engagement initiative with a beautiful morning tea, discussions on the significance of ladies day, and fun and games with the SSE children. The SSE children lovingly sang a song for the Elderly community, entertained them with jokes and a game of ‘environmental charades’ to share what they had learnt on ‘serving the planet’. During the event, a member from ‘Mission Australia’ thanked the Toowoomba Sai Centre for all their service activities performed throughout the year to support the local refugee community and migrants. The children handed out handcrafted bookmarks with drawings and inspirational quotes for each of the attendees to share their love and thank the community for their participation.

The children then enjoyed a series of fun human values games and team challenges including a treasure hunt, can toss and musical chairs with topics on ‘ceiling on desires’, ‘happiness is union with God’ and ‘the WATCH program’.