Weekly National Devotional Prayer Sessions – A Beacon of Light

Weekly online Thursday devotional prayer sessions have been held by the Sathya Sai International Organisation Australia ever since the onset of the Covid-19 restrictions. These prayer sessions have been nothing short of a beacon of light amidst the dark and uncertain times that everyone is facing. Each of these soulful prayer sessions has helped focus devotees minds and hearts on god and provide hope and faith that everything takes place as per divine will.

The online prayer session held on Thursday 22 October 2020 was a particularly powerful one with some amazing stories of Swami included as part of the prayer session. The program commenced at 8:00 pm AEDT with the chanting of the 108 holy names of Swami took place which was poignant given the significance of the day for Swami. A scintillating story of Swami acting as the Divine Doctor, narrated by Swami’s former student Aravind Balasubramaniam, was then presented. In this story, Swami Dr R.S Ramachandra suffered from severe hernia whilst in Puttaparthi and he needed to be operated on. There were plans made to take Ramachandra to Bangalore from Puttaparthi for a surgery and the family were discussing the logistics of the travel when Swami overheard the conversation and interrupted them with an idea of his own. Swami asked Dr Ramachandra to come with him and Swami personally performed the hernia surgery for Dr Ramachandra himself. When Dr Ramachandra woke up, he explained that Swami had materialised all the required surgical instruments himself and that he felt no pain whatsoever during the surgery. Amazingly, after a few days later when the bandages were removed from Dr Ramachandra, there was not a single scar on him from the surgery!

A delightful array of bhajans followed as the next component of the program which helped establish an immediate connection with Swami for all viewers. This was followed by a selection of prayers from different faiths including a Zoroastrian prayer, Christian prayer and a Jewish prayer. A discourse of Swami where he talked about his childhood was then played. In the discourse Swami explained that when he was a child in the city of Urvakonda, the Corporation Commissioner of the city had a dream where he had to go and see Sathya in a house and bring him with him. His wife also had a similar dream where it was indicated clearly that she should go with her husband and bring Sathya with them. When Swami was visiting a temple near the Commissioner’s house along with the family of Sheshagiri Rao, the family wanted Swami to wait outside the temple to look after their belongings while they went inside and prayed. Swami agreed to wait outside and the family proceeded to go in front of the shrine to pray. The family received a big shock when they saw Swami standing inside the shrine to which they were praying! Sheshagiri Rao immediately went outside the temple to see if Swami was waiting outside where is supposed to be and to his shock and disbelief he saw Swami waiting peacefully outside as well! The Commissioner who happened to be at the temple at the time, observed this divine drama that was taking place. The Commissioner went up to Sheshagiri Rao and told him that you are mistaken in thinking that he is your brother and told him that Sathya was in fact a divine being who belongs to the whole of humanity. This episode clearly showed the genesis of Swami’s mission for the upliftment of broader humanity. The program concluded with the divine voice of Swami chanting gayatri followed by the Mangala Arathi.

The powerful national online devotional sessions can be viewed live every Thursday at 8:00 pm AEDT on the Sai Australia YouTube channel.