Sai-Mazing Race in Perth!

Since the height of COVID in April last year, Western Australian members have not gathered together for a regional event. With no community transmission in Western Australia, the regional committee felt that it was appropriate and timely to bring members together again for a COVID-safe family fun day!

The Sai-Mazing Race, was organised for the 1 March Labour Day public holiday to kick start the year’s regional events and reconnect members in an exciting, fun and thought provoking race around Perth!

A mix of children, young adults and adults were split up into 11 teams, each using one car per team. After a briefing at the Perth Human Values Centre, each team was given a riddle or clue to be solved and this led them to various destinations and to prove their answer would take a photo or video to send back to organisers. 

Each team was sent off with their first clue along with a care package including snacks, water bottles and a black garbage bag. The garbage bag was for participants to pick up rubbish along the way and teams would gain extra points for gathering bottles eligible for the Containers for Change service program. 

Participants were encouraged to visit local culturally significant locations such as the Matagarup Bridge near the Optus Stadium – Matagarup is the name given by traditional custodians to the area around Heirisson Island and means ‘place where the river is only leg deep, allowing it to be crossed’.


Other locations required participants to think about the value and characteristics of mother nature and its creatures. For example, participants were lead to a large mural in the inner city suburb of Northbridge depicting the black Carnaby and red tailed cockatoos which are endangered in South West of Western Australia. Black cockatoos tend to herald significant changes in Indigenous mythologies, including the bringing of coming of necessary rain and to suggest there is a potential for great joy and change. It’s plight represents the power of spirit, strengthening of your soul and black cockatoo energy tends to be celebratory and can bring about empowerment, happiness and contentment.

Team work and inner confidence were other qualities developed through participating in the race! Adults had to navigate playgrounds and people had to fearlessly pose in creative ways next to landmarks and get out of their comfort zone in public places. 

This was the first time this event has been run in Perth and was an excellent way for members to reconnect with their Sai family and energise them for the upcoming year of regional events, including Clean Up Australia day and Mahashivarathri.