Sathya Sai School Caters Up To Year 12

With the grace and blessings of Swami, Sathya Sai College has entered the year 2021 as a school that provides students schooling all the way from Kindergarten to Year 12 thereby enabling students to complete their entire schooling within the school.

This has enabled us to design the school fully to ensure Swami’s Vision and Mission can be realised through children having the opportunity to complete their schooling years with Sathya Sai College and continue with their higher education, vocational training, or trade related training to build their respective careers. This now has enabled us to build an alumni group for students and families to be connected to the school. We believe all that hard work that has been done by various members since the inception of the school in 1997 to date will now come to bloom realising the Vision and Mission of our dear Swami.

The Recent Leg of the Journey – events and learnings from January 2020 to February 2021

  1. COVID 19 – enabled the school to fast track the online delivery. The management and staff had to work extremely hard to enable the online learning within three months. Everyone had to upskill quickly and provide the online delivery of lessons.
  2. The learnings of the above helped us to move to Microsoft Office 365 and a cloud-based solution to create further efficiencies on the delivery lessons.
  3. Introduction of Year 12 last term and creating opportunities offering multiple electives to encourage children to continue their studies through to year 12.
  4. An evaluation process was established to assess the standard of each subject across both campuses to further improve the academic standards.
  5. A classroom, corridor, campus, and community focus was been established to understand the impact of the human values education, which can be seen and commented upon by the community.
  6. The SSSIO organised working bee’s have grown and has become specialised. Therefore there is now some specialised maintenance work which is being undertaken by volunteers, such as electrical work, installation/ replacement of air conditioners, installation of gutter guards, painting of classrooms etc. Volunteers who have taken part to date now exceeds 175.
  7. A container classroom was purchased to address space constraints to accommodate the year 12 class. This purchase was made possible by a centre contributing towards it.
  8. The school has just invited tenders for the proposed building of four classrooms and hope to commence work by April or May this year. The government has come forward to assist us with 25% of the cost. With members contributing generously the building fund is close to 90% of the cost of the build.

With the continuous support of members and the hard work of everyone involved, the Sathya Sai School continues to grow and implement Swami’s vision for holistic education.