Eco Sadhana Program

Nature is the expression of the Divine. Sadly, there has been over-exploitation of resources resulting in harm to Mother Nature.  As all our actions, big or small, impact the environment, we must become conscious of any negative consequences. Active change in our thoughts and behaviours is required to reverse the detrimental effects on nature. 

To inspire this change on a consistent basis, Envirocare Australia team has introduced a new initiative for 2021, Eco-sadhana.  ‘Sadhana’ or spiritual practice enables connection with the Divine through action.  The aim of this initiative is to widen the notion of sadhana to environmentally friendly practices and focus on sustainability, nature and the Universal Creator. Undertaking envirocare practices can inspire spiritual growth by aligning thoughts, words and deeds.  Equally, engaging in spiritual practices can increase connection with divinity in nature.  

To launch the initiative, eco-sadhana for the month of January focussed on new year’s resolutions. It’s common practice to make resolutions as we aim to begin the year with positive changes to improve physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.  As part of the eco-sadhana, members were encouraged to also consider the environment when making resolutions.  A Sai young adult of Australia shares her inspiring eco-friendly resolution, which is to spend more time in nature every day (even if this is for 5 mins) with the intention that this action will keep her centred and more connected to Mother Earth. 

In the coming months, the Envirocare team will share more practical ideas for eco-sadhanas. Members are welcome to customise the eco-sadhanas to support their own spiritual development. Discussion and active participation is encouraged as our cumulative environmentally friendly practices and thoughts will have create a positive change for Mother Nature. 

“Man has the rare good fortune of adoring Nature as the Body of God and offering grateful worship to God. But, is he conscious of God being the Source and Sustenance? Does he give God the first place in his thoughts which is His due? Or, is he engaged in the activities of life in total disregard of God? It is a pity that, instead of paying attention to God, Nature and Man, in that order, men today are concerned most with themselves, more with Nature and very much less with God. From birth to death, from dawn till night, man pursues fleeting pleasures by the exploitation, the despoiling, the desecration of Nature, ignoring the truth that it is the property of God, the Creator, and any injury caused to it is a sacrilege which merits dire punishment”.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Divine Discourse, July 11, 1985.