Sai Young Adults Online Satsangh

On Sunday, 1 August the Sai Young Adults of Australia gathered for an online satsangh, which consisted of an inspirational talk by Jai Reddy,  a study circle on one of Swami’s discourses on Guru Poornima and some beautiful darshan videos of Swami. With many regions around Australia still in lockdown, this session proved to be a wonderful panacea for the loss of being unable to go to regular centre bhajan sessions.

Approximately 45 Young Adults from across Australia joined online at 7:00 pm through Zoom, and the session started with a video of one of Swami’s beautifully sung poem’s, the kind of which one could easily listen to unceasingly. After a brief introduction from the National Young Adult Coordinators, Nihilesh and Sai Rupa, the floor was given to Jai Reddy to speak about his spiritual journey and reminisce about his experience as Sai Young Adult in the 2006 Parthi Pilgrimage. Jai spoke about the transformation in his life as a teenager when spirituality became the prime focus of his life and the affirmation that Swami gave him and the Australian Sai Young Adults during a 2006 group interview, saying that liberation is certainly achievable in this life time for everyone.

After the twenty minute talk by Jai, the gathering then broke up into small groups to discuss specific questions in relation to a discourse Swami gave on Guru Poornima Day on 12 July 1995. The discourse centred around the theme of ‘Dispeller of Darkness’’, and the small groups explored topics around the importance of controlling the senses, God as the true Guru and how to make God as the centre of all our lives. There were fascinating insights shared by the young adults on these topics including examples of their own spiritual journey. After the twenty minutes small group discussion, the group gathered together as a whole to share a summary of their group discussions for the benefit of the wider group.

The satsangh finished off  at 8:30 pm with some thumping bhajans sung by Swami Himself and finally with a video of the Mangala Aarathi. The Young Adults who attended the session provided plenty of positive feedback and there was wide acknowledgement of the benefit of these national gatherings, particularly during these times where many were impacted by lockdowns