Friendship Fest 2021

Sri Sathya Sai Organisation of Australia, the Parents & Friends of the school and the staff worked together the last few months to host the community event that was first introduced in 2019 called the “Friendship Fest”. The success of the event can be measured by the number of community members participating and getting to know about the Sri Sathya Sai Organisation through their interaction with members who attended the festival from NSW & QLD centres.

The following email received from one of the parents who was in the organising committee speaks for itself. 

“Now that all of the excitement and adrenaline has burnt off, I can sit and write an email to express my deepest gratitude. I am so grateful for the wonderful school community that we have, it really is a shining diamond and I am so happy that we got to share that with the greater community on Saturday.

It was such a joy to work alongside such amazing people organising this event and I wouldn’t hesitate to be a part of it again in the future. Your enthusiasm, energy and dedication to our school is mind blowing and I am deeply humbled by that. Thank you.”

This year’s event attracted roughly around 400 local and surrounding towns. There were people from Byron bay, Lismore and Gold Coast. Parents reached out to the board members and provided feedback on the school and shared their thoughts freely. There were students who had moved to other schools due to subject preference who shared their thoughts.