Clean Up Australia Day – Strathfield Centre

Strathfield Centre has been participating in Clean Up Australia Day for a very long time, partnering with Strathfield Council. From small groups of 4 or 5, the last two years have had more than 15 Volunteers take part to Clean the community. 

The centre checked with council to identify the areas with more rubbish, and as a result chose parks around Cooke River. A lot of the rubbish from the parks nearby, if not picked up, end up in our local eco system such as creeks which are home to many animals. Plastic in particular is harmful and it was fulfilling to see the amount of rubbish removed. In total, the centre collected 8 bags of rubbish and 4 bags of recyclable materials. Strathfield Council assisted in disposing of the rubbish, and Council Members had come and visited during our clean up. Clean Up Australia has always been a popular National Activity, and Strathfield Centre was happy to assist in the Service Activity.