Sai School Working Bee

More than 30 members participated in the February working bee at the Sai School. Staff from IBM attended to the kindergarten play equipment upgrading which was funded by IBM. 

nstallation of the gutter guards at the secondary campus was carried out by a specialised team who call themselves the “Big Banana Team” as they provide good business for the Big Banana restaurant at Coffs Harbour on the way to the school and back. David and Kaye carried out the tree lopping task at the secondary school which saved quite a considerable sum for the school. The young adults as always did an amazing job building a pathway from the car park to the staff room through which they learnt some new skills. 

With both these events the interaction between the staff, parents and the organisational members has created a greater awareness of Sathya Sai Organisation through the unconditional service activity carried out by our members. 

It is our school and we encourage you to come and join in the service activity or any other function and be part of the National project of ours.