SSSIO NSW Region – Sri Lanka Covid-19 Relief

SSSIO NSW Region initiated a service activity in September to supply food packages to respond to the crisis that was unfolding in Sri Lanka as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many communities in Sri Lanka were struggling to meet basic living needs resulting from the worsening COVID-19 pandemic. With health services being overwhelmed by Covid cases and food shortages impacting the country, many people in Sri Lanka were going through a challenging time.

The troubling circumstances sparked an idea for our NSW brothers and sisters to join SSSIO Sri Lanka COVID-19 relief efforts, by providing funds to supply food packages to affected families as an offering for Swami’s 96th birthday. ACT region joined NSW in their target mission to raise enough funds to purchase 960 food packs, and since then SSSIO Australia has already exceeded its target reaching 1400 packs!

The food relief packages were highly appreciated by the recipients in Sri Lanka and it certainly represented a most worthwhile service activity.