Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations in Berwick Sai Centre – VIC East

Berwick Sai Centre, a medium-sized centre hosted Krishna Janmashtami celebrations last week. This included a beautiful musical drama entitled “Krishna Leela” by SSE children, supported by their parents and adults. The music was enchanting, the props were creative and colourful, and the children were just like Krishna’s Gopikas. The centre has been preparing this for the past 3 months and everyone has put in a lot of effort for this production.

The full production of Krishna Leela…..

KRISHNA LEELA – HIS DIVINE PLAY from Sai Australia on Vimeo.

The Divine Manifestations – Part 3

Over recent issues of Sai Australia Snapshots, we brought you Parts 1 and 2 of some stories and experiences of a Sai devotee then living in Bahrain. Below is Part 3, containing two more stories of experiences he and his family have been blessed to experience.

Divine Miracle “Beyond Boundaries”

Devotees in Bahrain had undertaken the Tapovanam reading from 16th April 2015 in the lead up to Sai Baba’s Aaradhana Mahotsavam. It was sixth day of the reading and the chapter to be read was “Divine Miracles Beyond Boundaries”. It was 21st April and it coincided with the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Trithiya.

Sai Baba manifested himself in the form of Goddess Lakshmi with Vibhuthi and Kasturi Manjal (Turmeric) all bundled together in a saffron coloured cloth in the shape of a pot, and the bundle was tied to the handle of the front door of our house, past a padlocked gate and a latched security door. All three doors remained locked from the previous night until they were opened in the morning hours. It was truly, a ‘Divine Miracle Beyond Boundaries’, as the title of the chapter read that day. Further, since that day, the Vibhuthi continues to remain truly ‘Akshaya’ (never diminishing) by getting refilled as we keep distributing it as sacred Sai offering to devotees who have full faith in the power of Sai Baba’s Vibhuthi.

Manifestations of Different Statues to show the ‘favourite deity’ of each member of the entire family.

Gowri and I were about to leave Bahrain after my retirement from employment, by the end of June 2017. On the 12th of June an ardent devotee of Sai and a close family friend visited us and exchanged experiences of Sai Baba and His glory. After going back home, she had informed another devotee of Sai in India about us leaving Bahrain. Afterwards, the devotee from India had called her back and asked her to inform Gowri that Sai Baba had told him to convey to them that Sai Baba will always be with them wherever they are, and not to worry about anything. This was in turn conveyed to Gowri.

But Gowri, quite displeased with the fact that Sai Baba’s message was through a third party wished to get a direct message from Sai Baba Himself. As always, the omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent Sai, heard her, and immediately on the 13th of June 2017 comforted her with His manifestation in different forms (as shown below) indicating that He knows each and every member of her family (each of the idols was of the forms of the Lord dearest to each one of us), and was truly with all of us.

Lord Venkateshwara & Goddess Padmawathi for her (Gowri) [Goddess Lakshmi manifested earlier]
Lord Muruga for myself
Lord Ganesha for our elder daughter
Lord Hanuman for our younger daughter
Goddess Durga (Mariamman) for our son-in-law

Video Updates on SaiAustralia YouTube

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National Tree Planting Day

Below are some more updates of the tree planting undertaken across Australia for National Tree Planting Day, which took place on the 28th of July 2019.

South Australia

The devotees in South Australia were blessed with a sunny day on National Tree Planting Day. Organised together by the service wing and Envirocare team, there were 32 devotees including 12 SSE kids participating in the activity, which is the highest ever turnout for SA for tree planting. It was a fun event and together more than 900 saplings were planted. Everyone who joined in (from ages 4 to 80) enjoyed the day.


Queensland’s National Plant a Tree Day site was located at the picturesque Mt Gravatt Outlook Reserve. Thirteen devotees planted approximately thirty-six trees along the trekking path. The most rewarding feeling was being able to see the growth of the trees we lovingly planted last year. Some of the trees had grown to be as tall as us!

Apart from planting trees, the Mt Gravatt Environmental Group emphasized the importance of conserving our native flora and encouraging sustainable biodiversity. As such, our efforts were mainly focused on restoring areas where weeds and destructive shrubs had spread. The hard work was made much lighter as we engaged with our local community and worked alongside other service-based groups. We look forward to seeing the native flora thrive without the troublesome weeds!

Guru Purnima – WA

The Guru Purnima celebrations in WA began with a dynamic performance by the WA Young Adults and SSE children, which followed a story of a contestant on a game show who reflected on three stories that were shared by his Gurus; his mother, his teacher and his SSE teacher, that helped guide him through the game show.

After the performance, we welcomed guest speaker Esben Kaas-Sorensen, the coordinator of Street Connect, one of the services that the NGO Anglicare WA provides. Street Connect is a program that aims to make connections and assist marginalised young people who gather regularly in public places and engage them in positive life changes. The service is provided by a team of Youth Workers who provide daily outreach via the Mobile Youth Resource Centre (the Street Connect Outreach Bus).

Everyone should act on the motto ‘Help Ever; Hurt Never’. Every educated person should engage himself or herself in selfless service to society, with humility and a pure heart.…
You should render service to the destitute, the helpless and the forlorn. When you serve them, you should bear in mind you are serving God Himself in that particular form.
Sathya Sai Baba 1987.

Amongst their other service activities, for over 20 years, members of the Sathya Sai Centres of Perth have been supporting the activities of Street Connect by regularly providing sandwiches, freshly made with loving thoughts, to their team, to be distributed to homeless youth. It was such a humbling experience to hear where the sandwiches – that are made and provided by Sai members every day of the working week – were going and how important a simple sandwich could be in building a connection with the youth on the street. Esben described one particular story of a positive life turn-around that started with a sandwich and was recorded in the West Australian newspaper. He spoke of how grateful he was to the Sathya Sai Organisation for its support, especially knowing that the sandwiches provided were made with love and care. The members also offered at Sai Baba’s lotus feet boxes of soups, dry noodles, long life milk and cereals for Anglicare, that could be easily eaten by hungry youth on the streets. The positive feedback about the service provided by members confirmed their commitment to this very worthwhile activity.

Another event celebrated during the Guru Purnima celebrations was the one-year anniversary of the Serve Our Sai Family (SOS) service initiative. It was launched during the regional Guru Purnima celebrations in 2018 and its objective is to serve the disadvantaged members from the Sai community who may suffer from illness, loneliness or isolation and make them feel loved respected and realise that they are not “the forgotten generation” of our organisation. The SOS service has held two events over the past 12 months and has really highlighted that our Seniors are our Gurus and teachers, with so much wisdom and talent to share. Seniors, young adults and SSE children have come together during these events to singing, dance, and enjoy connecting with one another. To show appreciation to our Sai seniors, each one was provided with a sustainable take home gift, lovingly packed by the members and children.

Download the News Article on Anglicare 

QLD Multifaith Event – The Importance of Service in Religion

Queensland Region were very grateful and humbled to have the opportunity to host, to learn from and to share in the company of many multifaith groups on Saturday 17 August. A beautiful multifaith celebration was held at SWARA on the theme ‘The Importance of Service in Religion’.

Special guests included the Tzu Chi Foundation, ADRA or the Seventh Day Adventist Church, the Amadhiyya Muslim Association, the Queensland Arya Samaj, Khalsa Help International and the Bhakti Seva Pariwar.

The event commenced with a traditional Aboriginal smoke ceremony and music from the didgeridoo. The indigenous Australians lovingly explained that we are all brothers and sisters part of the ‘same tribe’ regardless of cast, creed, colour or race. They also reminded everyone of the sacredness of the land, the importance of service to the land and the importance of acknowledging our ancestors.

Talks by each of the guest speakers resonated with the common theme of the importance of selfless service, sincerity and human connection in service activities. Videos showcased the many service activities of the SSIO internationally and within Australia, as well as activities carried out by each of the multifaith groups. Each group was eager to learn about the work being done by each other and how they could work hand in hand, to support one another and serve.

An analogy that was used was about the significance of even a single drop of rain in making a difference to the ground – and accumulatively how each droplet adds on to facilitate greater change; once the storm starts it’s difficult to stop. The message of unity and “love all, serve all” was strongly felt.

The young adults sang powerful and upbeat songs during the celebration. They sang about the power of love and courage, having hope for the future, working as one for humanity and in the service of God. The celebration concluded with dinner.