Sai National Conference – 2019

Sai National Conference 2019 (SNC 2019) was held in Sydney during the Easter holidays.Look out for the Photo Album on our website be loaded shortly.

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The Divine Manifestations – Part 2

A few months ago we brought you Part 1 of some stories and experiences of a Sai devotee then living in Bahrain. Below are two more stories of experiences he and his family have been blessed to experience.

Kum Kum on picture of Lord Venkateshwar, (Omniscience of Sai)

Gowri has an ancestral temple of their family deity Lord Venkateshwara (a form of Lord Vishnu). Gowri and I never used to celebrate our wedding anniversary, not even think about it. But, probably to reinforce our faith in Sai Baba, on one of our anniversary days, He manifested His presence with us, by materializing ‘kum kum’ on the picture of Lord Venkateshwara kept in our altar, to tell us that He (is indeed Omniscient) knows not only our wedding anniversary date, but also He knows Lord Venkateshwara is Gowri’s family Deity.

Sai Baba’s approval of a Community Service – He is the Doer

It was a Saturday morning, the commencement of a community service activity of serving a refreshing Buttermilk drink (in Bahrain/Middle East, this drink is called “Laban”) to migrant workers at open construction sites in peak summer. The buttermilk prepared by devotees had been brought in big containers for ‘Brahmaarpanam’ (food prayer) and then distribution. A cup of buttermilk, drawn from each of those containers, was also kept for Sai Baba. Later, His presence appeared in the form of His crown-shaped hair on the top layer of the buttermilk kept in a cup. It was indeed an indication that, Sai Baba had given His stamp of approval for this Service Activity and were with us.

R U OK? Barbara Hocking Memorial Award

The SSIO in the Canberra region was recognised as a finalist for the R U OK? Barbara Hocking Memorial Award, acknowledging the work of members in the area of mental health. Below is a statement from the website explaining the background of the award:

The Barbara Hocking Memorial Awards aim to:

  • Recognise and celebrate the people and organisations who have made an outstanding effort to support R U OK? in their community
  • Inspire others to support R U OK?
  • Encourage others to have regular meaningful conversations and invest more time in the people around them

    Barbara Hocking OAM (d. 2016) was one of Australia's leading advocates for people affected by mental illness. Her leadership and achievements leave a lasting legacy in how people living with mental illness and their families are treated and regarded. Barbara was the first full-time Executive-Director of SANE Australia - a national charity working for a better life for all people affected by mental illness through education and support, applied research and campaigning for improved services and attitudes. As well as being a Director of SANE Australia, she also served on the Board of Mental Health Australia and R U OK?

    Excerpt from: RUOK Website

    Canberra Interfaith Forum Event to Commemorate National Families Week

    The Canberra Interfaith Forum held an event to commemorate National Families' Week at the Canberra Meditation and Healing Garden in Barton on 19 May 2019 between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm. The Sai Young Adults from the ACT Region made a prayer offering at this event.

    Youth groups from the various faith and spiritual followings each gave a 5 minute offering which encapsulated the teachings of their faith or spiritual beliefs. Youth groups from the Bahai faith, Sikh religion, Uniting Church and the Art of Living, made an offering at this event. Minister Shane Rattenbury (Member of the ACT Legislative Assembly) during his talk at this event spoke of the collective need for religious tolerance and unity in the current environment.

    The prayer offering from the Sai Young Adults of the ACT Region consisted of a guided visualisation where the audience were facilitated through a journey on the essence of the 5 Human Values as taught by Sathya Sai Baba.

    This event offered a great opportunity to put into practice Sathya Sai Baba's teachings of unity of faiths and allowed different faith and spiritual groups to come together to discover shared values and commonalities among the various faith and spiritual traditions.

    Sai Medical Unit Assists ACT Nursing Home with Workshop for Staff

    The Sai Medical Unit has recently conducted voluntary workshops on Self-Care for staff at IRT Kangara Waters in the ACT. The workshop addressed a need for staff in handling difficult situations that may arise between staff and residents, equipping staff with strategies to avoid or defuse situations before they develop or escalate.

    The Nursing Home facility is one with which the local ACT SSIO units have developed a close relationship through service in the form of entertainment and visiting residents, as well as through a close professional association with one of the SSIO health professionals. A need for training was discussed with the latter who identified a problem that members of the SSIO could provide some expertise in. This addressed situations that can arise through misunderstandings due to age and cultural mismatches between staff and the residents. The workshops followed a day’s research at the facility to determine the main issues and the best approach to assist staff and create a working environment that best satisfied the residents as well as the staff.

    The workshop providers included a Registered Nurse with a Graduate Certificate in Clinical Education and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment together with her associate holding a Masters in Psychology as well as having a broad knowledge of the industry.

    The workshops concentrated on developing strategies for dealing with potential confrontational situations. The delivery led to in-depth conversations about various situations that are faced by staff. The value of and approaches utilizing Love were put forward and discussed. Scripted responses were also provided and discussed, to enable staff to maintain control of conversations in order to prevent escalation.

    The responses of the participants were very positive in respect to the content, its practicality and the knowledge and experience of the presenters. Staff indicated they considered the material worthwhile and that they would adopt this in their workplace practices.

    It is likely that a follow-up workshop will be conducted on active listening and communication to further the staff’s ability to interact with the residents in productive, positive and loving ways.

    Mother’s Day Classic Walk – 2019

    The Mother’s Day Classic Walk is an annual Australia-wide event aimed at raising awareness of breast cancer. Following a successful introduction to the Walk last year, the SSIO again promoted this as a truly worthwhile community activity for members of its Ladies Program. This year a team of 250 including children, young adults and men around Australia and joined the various local Mother’s Day Classic Walks on Sunday, 12 May.

    NSW Team

    The various regional Ladies Coordinators initiated this service activity last year with the intention of supporting breast cancer research and to unite the community in an enjoyable activity with a positive message. This year the enthusiastic promotion of the event resulted in increased participation with representatives from most of the different SSIO regions throughout Australia attending various capital city and regional events.

    Victorian Team

    The ladies’ participation in this activity supported the Walk’s objectives of increased community awareness and support for breast cancer research and detection. It also without doubt raised the awareness of the need for breast screening and early cancer detection within the members of the Sai Community. Our youngest participant was a 4 months old baby in NSW while the oldest was 89 year old in Canberra, who herself was a breast cancer sufferer and completed the 4km walk with great enthusiasm.

    NSW Award

    It was good to see the windy, cold morning in some areas did not stop the enthusiasm of participants! The smiles on the many faces reflected the unity and cheerfulness of those who made this a memorable occasion and one filled with camaraderie!

    Last year some state teams were presented with awards for being the largest teams in their particular categories. This year again, our teams from NSW and Victoria were recognised as the largest community and sporting teams in their states by the organisers.

    Victorian Award

    Giving an idea of the participants’ experience, below is the report from the Ladies Program Coordinator from Victoria:

    It was a rewarding and fulfilling experience to be a part of this great community event. It was inspiring to know that we were among the 25,000 people who participated in the walk in Melbourne this year.

    Despite the notorious ‘4 seasons in a day’ Melbourne weather, Sai Baba gave us a perfect day for the walk. This year we had more participants than last year, with more young adults and a couple of men joining the ladies, all dressed in pink. We also had non-Sai devotees joining our group to support the worthy cause this year. Most of the group did the 4km walk, while a few did the 8km walk. We chanted the Gayatri Mantra silently as we walked on this beautiful day, dedicating the walk to all those family members, friends and colleagues affected by cancer.

    It was a pleasant surprise when the SSIO Victoria team was announced as the winner of the Largest Community & Sporting Group at the end of the walk for the second consecutive year.

    It is pleasing to note that there is growing awareness of this community service activity within our organisation now. Even devotees who were not able to participate in the walk due to health reasons, registered for the event this year to support the cause and be a part of this community engagement activity. It is hoped that we will have more people, especially young adults and men, joining us in future events.

    We had an enjoyable day and were very happy to be a part of a great national community event that raises awareness of breast cancer, supports women affected by it and funds research.

    Jai Sai Ram.
    Suruj Nair & Rohana Yoganathan
    Regional Ladies Coordinators, Victoria


    National Ladies Program Coordinator.

    Easwaramma Day

    Easwaramma Day in conjunction with May 2019 Unity Meeting

    NSW Region East celebrated Easwaramma Day in conjunction with the May 2019 unity meeting. This was held on Saturday May 25 at the Samoan Congregation, Lidcombe.

    This was a day when SSE children took over the whole program, commencing with devotional singing, right through to the announcements.

    The devotional singing was very well executed and was of a very high standard. The SSE children sang both Sanskrit and English songs beautifully.

    After the devotional singing one of the SSE students from Wollongong Centre updated the audience on the Sai National Conference which was held during the Easter long week-end.

    Following this was a play by SSE children from Rydalmere Centre. The play, titled Back in Time, was a Radio Sai interview with Mother Theresa and Mother Yashoda. It was a very well-written play and the children indeed played their roles and acted out their parts beautifully.

    The SSE children were then interviewed and asked to share what their mothers did throughout the day and the roles their mothers played in their day to day lives. The SSE children did not hold back and shared their most personal experiences about their mothers.

    A few young adults from Homebush Centre then shared their personal experiences of the Sai National Conference, which was very touching, as they shared their innermost feelings and the effect the conference had on them.

    The Strathfield SSE children and young adults put up a play regarding the recent bombings in Sri Lankan, and how Sai Baba’s teaching came to play during this tumultuous time. It was a very wonderful written play and the delivery was excellent.

    The final item for the day was a musical presentation by the SSE children and young adults from Carlingford Centre. This was very soulful, and the numerous musical instruments created a festive atmosphere.

    Overall it was a wonderful evening, and you could see a lot of unity and diversity among the children and young adults.

    Easwaramma Day, Sathya Sai Centre of Carlingford

    As the early morning mist slowly melted to the warmth of the new sunrise, preparation to commemorate Mother aEswaramma were underway in the Girls Guide Hall of Carlingford. A beautiful purple and white altar to hallmark the 'Chosen Mother' was decked in the finest flower arrangements, garlands and luminous fragrant candles for Sai Baba.

    A gentle greeting of Sai Ram welcomed families and devotees to the humble occasion, whilst the SSE in their crisp, clean, white attire took their places for the flower offering. As the clock turned 9am the SSE offered the day at the lotus feet of our dearest Sai Baba whilst the sounds of a tribute video to Mother Eswaramma delighted the devotees. The morning then followed with morning prayers and an introduction by our MC Ramanesh (Group 4 SSE) on the theme 'Show Love, Show Gratitude'.

    A gentle greeting of Sai Ram welcomed families and devotees to the humble occasion, whilst the SSE in their crisp, clean, white attire took their places for the flower offering. As the clock turned 9am the SSE offered the day at the lotus feet of our dearest Sai Baba whilst the sounds of a tribute video to Mother Eswaramma delighted the devotees. The morning then followed with morning prayers and an introduction by our MC Ramanesh (Group 4 SSE) on the theme 'Show Love, Show Gratitude'.

    From here, it was time for our Group 1 and Pre-SSE to share their thoughts on what they thought about Mum! Cute, hilarious conversations with the children entertained everyone which delightfully concluded with an energetic and loving dance of gratitude called 'Thank You Mum'.

    Having travelled through a journey of all the Mothers who play a role in our life, it was time to reach the source, our Divine Mother. The Group 3&4 SSE over the past few years have been working together on original songs composed and written by one of the Group 3 SSE children – Dakshina Sai. The garland of Divine songs were created into an album 'Sai Inspirations' (cover also designed by Dakshina) and offered on the occasion of Easwaramma Day. The children then shared a few of the songs from the album which took us to another world.

    Vibrant, energetic SSE devotional singing then concluded the children's offering for the auspicious occasion of Easwaramma Day.