National Ladies Wing Activities

The past few months have been a challenging yet rewarding time for many families. The situation with Covid-19 pandemic, is an ever evolving one, as we earnestly wait for its outcome everyday. The Sai ladies of Australia have embraced the situation as this has allowed them to venture into new activities and adopt different ways of doing things for those who need it most.

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Sadhana During COVID-19 Lockdown – Reflections from Members in Victoria

As the state of Victoria is under a six-week lockdown due to COVID-19, we asked some of our members from Victoria on how/if they have been able to utilise this time to intensify their sadhana (spiritual discipline). The questions we put forward to them were:

Question 1: How have you used the lockdown period to intensify you Sadhana?

Question 2: What particular Sadhana have you focussed on?

Questions 3: How has Covid-19 affected/improved your Sadhana?

The wide variety of responses on how members are making the most of the lockdown period is provided below.

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National Virtual Teacher Enrichment Day

The Education Wing of SSIO Australia held their first National Teacher Enrichment program virtually on 12 July 2020 on the theme ‘Unity is Divinity, Purity is Enlightenment’. It provided SSE teachers from all over Australia with a blessed opportunity to come together and share their passion and dedication for Sai Spiritual Education (SSE).

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